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Techniques to have more pleasure during sex

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Enjoying sex can be limited to good communication between partners. In this sense, a recent study gives specific names and descriptions to four techniques that women use to have more pleasure during vaginal penetration.

The findings, which were taken from the second "pleasure report" of the OMGYES website and published by the scientific journal PLOS ONE, come from a survey of more than 3,000 Americans, aged between 18 and 93. Most of them identified themselves as heterosexual.

During the process, the authors asked the volunteers how they used to increase their own pleasure during sex and then analyzed the answers. Here are the methods that stood out:

  1. Angling: almost 90% of the interviewees said they use angulation, which involves rotating, elevating or lowering the pelvis and hips during vaginal penetration, so as to adjust where a sex toy or penis comes into contact with the vagina;
  2. Shallowing: approximately 84% of women make vaginal penetration more pleasurable when touching with their fingers in the clitoris and inlet of the vagina;
  3. Rocking: about 76% of participants increase their own pleasure through balance, in which the base of a penis (or a sex toy) rubs against the clitoris during penetration, getting completely (and always) inside the vagina;
  4. Pairing: finally, about 70% said they use "pairing", which refers to when a woman or partner stimulates the clitoris (with their fingers or with a sex toy) during penetration.

Although the findings do not necessarily present new or innovative information, the authors of the study hope to provide clearer language to women about specific techniques that make it easier to recognize and communicate what they want, as well as to empower them to vocalize their own sexual desire.

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